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Oil Pressure Sender (0-80psi M10x1)

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$44.95 WRVDO360-001
Oil Pressure Sender (0-150psi M10x1)

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$39.99 WRVDO360-023
Stewart Warner Oil Pressure (100psi)

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$89.95 WR42DSWB-114-254
Vision Series VDO Oil Pressure Gauge (150psi)

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$44.95 WRVD310-108
Stewart Warner Boost (0-30 psi)

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$79.95 WR42DSWB 114 376
Vision Series VDO Boost Gauge (0-30psi)

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$49.95 WRVDO150 104
90 Degree Boost Gauge Fitting

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$9.99 WR42D42 906
Plastic Boost Tubing Kit - 8'

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$19.99 WR42D42 150 851


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